Everyone has a story, be kind!

You live your life thinking that you are the main character, probably the protagonist in an unfolding story, surrounded and supported by the people around you “The Cast” if I may say, who hands in your immediate orbit, and while you’re in it, many things seems epic, fiery, tenuous, and unpredictable.

Go-out of that orbit a bit, and then you will find the list of acquaintances which is the people that you are in-out of contact over the years, and then the random people who pass by, those are in the background fainting out-of-focus.

Think about it for a second, you will realize that each one of them has a story, and each one of them is living a life that as vivid and complex as yours.

They carry-on invisibly around you, and they have their accumulated ways of achieving their own ambitions, they have their own cast and script(s), friends, family, routines, mistakes, worries, craziness and jokes.

You may not be able to meet them, or you won’t be able to hear all countless number of stories, they might be as blur of traffic passing on the highway, or specks of light that you won’t see clearly, you probably did not know that these stories actually exist!

The moral of the story is that …. every single one of them is fighting a battle and trying to find their own integrals and you do not know anything about it, advice … be kind always, and keep on your high morals.


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