Why do people don’t value something until its gone? (a Random thoughts on human behavior)

(Inspired by a conversation with a friend & a discussion in Quora).

a very famous saying that crossed my mind this morning (You Don’t Know What You Have Til Its Gone)

And when i read about i found out that this is a psychological effect, and its the total composition of Human personality
we are so full of our selves that we take everything for granted, and so arrogantly believe we own it, deserve it, or its there for us and it always will be there!
(Check Human Behavior in the social environment .. very good book to read).

But when its no more at our beck and reality calls, and we realize that “the thing” did have its own identity and we didn’t give its due respect and gratitude, and now vanished, we feel that we’ve done something wrong!, and people tend to realize at moments like this is that they wasted a lot of time when life was normal.

But this is the thing people don’t value something until its gone, and then its too little too late! … so all i can say if you still think you have the chance to fix things and give people their respect … don’t hesitate and do so, (i mean you do not want to be the next Adel singing Hello after 10 years from now!)

And if we want to talk Science here, well basically to enable us to survive the Brain is programmed to remember anything negative rather than anything positive, as a measure to make us remember dangerous stuff (weird right!).

So when there is no danger the brain is usually chill and in “screen saver” mode, and doesn’t appreciate people around it, an doesn’t appreciate its life.

Only when a disaster hits, your brain starts keeping the pain alive long enough to stick it in your memory, so you avoid this ” Bad” interaction whatever it was (that’s pure Biology).

and bringing Psychology on the table here, the mind is programmed to seek change and explore, once you have someone in your life then that’s it, nothing new here so your mind focuses on other stuff and neglects something that’s been around it for a long time (this shows that we are reactive to negative encounters).

Advice … learn from your unfortunate decisions, because what screws a person up is that he/she is trying to live up to an image they created in their minds, without any reality checks (La La Landers so to speak)

So don’t let your negative encounters leads you, because you will lose a lot of good people by doing that, and good people are hard to come by.

maybe you think im wrong, or right .. whatevs .. probably by time you will realize what i mean.


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