Psst … Can you hear me? this is the voice of thoughts on life from the heart:

Try to celebrate the little big moments, (i mean when something small or big and yet important changes for you)

This will help you to escape the daily rat race; and will help you to keep an eye on the big things in your life (at the end you are going there), as well as this will enhance your vision and your values.

I mean its not easy to keep the eye on the big things (big picture), sometimes you might be able to see the whole path, but again its the abandoned road!, and its very hard to go for it (because its very challenging).

But when you do go for the long run (the abandoned road so to speak), and see how interesting this path is, your vision of life changes, and the first thing that changes is the value of time, you start to value time NOT like everyone else .. you start see it differently, because at that stage you find out that you have a lot of knowledge, and your understanding of many things will change.

as well as the way you see things also starts to be different, because you saw many things that not many people will see in their normal life course, and then the most important thing that changes is how you perceive things, and the actions that you take towards things changes, probably you will be more quiet and more of a listener than a talker.

My reader friend, life is a very deep topic to talk about, very complicated and very simple, very symbolic and straight forward at the same time, full of wonders, justice and injustice, love and rage, loyalty and treasons, but yet and i cannot deny that this topic in specific is: is a very interesting topic to think about with a cup of coffee in a hand and a cigarette in the other, and a view of a raging sea in a front of you.

finally i wanna finish this discourse by great quote for Rumi​:
“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion”

make sure that you enjoy your little celebrations!

Best wishes & salute 🙂


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