Random Late Night thought On Fergus (aka Crowley)!

I’m a fan of an underrated TV Show called “Supernatural”, and this series showed its viewers a number of villains such as: The Yellow Eyed Demon, Meg, Alistair, Ruby, Lilith, THE Lucifer, The Leviathans (Dick Roman), Abaddon (One of The knights of hell), Cain (or Kane), Rowena (The Natural Born Witch) and Crowley and many many more.

Crowley (aka the King of Hell) is by far the most interesting character between them all, and the writers of this TV show make sure that they select the words carefully to build-up a sold script for this character.

Crowley is a demon, a literary agent, the master of contract writing, very ambitious (started out as a salesman, then became “King of the Crossroads” and later became “King of Hell”), has a taste for the finest things ever, his haberdashery is impeccable, he understands very well the human behavioral psychology, he dares to strike a business relationship with an Angel who could easily smite him to get his things done, and he even attempts to expand his territory by dealing with his enemies (very strange tactic), by far The king of manipulation, he is an interesting business man who knows how to play the strings and get things done, he has a pocket that is full of tricks, and he has a dangerous combination of “huge knowledge” + “big power”, that uses them wisely (so to speak) wink emoticon .

But yet he never lied!, not one single time, he always gives the choices and works with causality (causality is the principle that everything has a cause, so if there is a cause there must be an effect).

one of my favorite scenes in the show is the following one (link down below) when “Dean Winchester” died with the mark of Cain (or Kane) in his hand, and then Crowley revealed the truth behind the Mark of Cain, and said his famous words “I might not have told you the entire truth, but I never lied. I never lied Dean, that’s important. It’s fundamental”.

Enjoy & Goodnight!


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